Here are some of the questions those new to square dancing have......

What is "Mainstream"?

Mainstream is the first group of calls a square dancer learns.  Our lessons are designed to teach you these calls.  These calls are what you will need to know to attend our Saturday dances.

What is "Plus"?

Plus is the second group of calls a square dancer learns.  Individual Plus calls are sometimes previewed at our Saturday dances.  Dancers need to have fully mastered the Mainstream calls before learning the Plus calls.  Many of the dancers at local festivals dance at the Plus level.

What is an "angel"?

An angel is an experienced square dancer who attends our lessons.  During lessons about half of the dancers in each square of eight dancers are angels to allow students to be provided individual help in mastering the material.

What is a "Banner Steal"?

A Banner Steal is when eight or more members of one square dance club attend the dance of another square dance club.  In return for their attendance the guests are presented with ("steal") the host club's banner.  To reclaim the banner eight members of the club whose banner is stolen must must attend a dance of the club who stole the banner.  The goal is to increase the interaction between local clubs.